1. MYTH: Eyes can be Transplanted.

FACT: it is not possible to transplant a whole eye because the eye is a complex organ connected to the brain by the optic nerve, which when cut cannot be reconnected.

2. MYTH: Wearing eyeglasses will damage your eyes and make you dependent on them

FACT: Wearing glasses will not damage or worsen your vision. Wearing glasses ensure you have the best vision, however incorrect prescription will cause strain or give you headaches.

3. MYTH: Using computers can damage your eyes.

FACT: Looking at the computer screens without eye protection or without taking breaks can contribute to eyestrain, tired eyes, dry eyes.

Blue light emitted from digital screens increases the risk of Macular Degeneration, sleep deprivation/disorder.

4. MYTH: Blue light is only emitted from digital devices.

FACT: The Sun is the main source of blue light.

5. MYTH: Sitting very close to Television can damage your eyes.

FACT: Sitting very close to the TV may cause eyestrain, headache not damage, however habitually sitting close to a TV may signal nearsightedness and other visual problems.

6. MYTH: Reading in dim light is harmful to the eyes.

FACT: It is not harmful but good lighting makes it easier to see what you are reading and prevents your eyes from tiring out.

7. MYTH: Carrots are the best food to improve vision

FACT: Other fruits/vegetables that contain Vitamin A like Spinach, watermelon, bell pepper, etc are good for your eyes.

8. MYTH: Sun gazing can improve your eye health.

FACT: Staring at the sun for even a short time without Ultra Violet ray Eyewear protection can damage your Retina permanently and cause Blindness.

9. MYTH: Children outgrow crossed eyes.

FACT: Children with crossed eyes need to see an optometrist before age 7 to get corrective lenses before their visual system is fully formed.

10. MYTH: You don’t need to visit an eye doctor if you can see Clearly.

FACT: It is compulsory to see your eye doctor yearly to know the state of your eyes.
You may not need glasses but your eye doctor can detect other signs of serious health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, brain tumors through your eyes.

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