The first day of school can be an exciting time for little ones, but to make sure their first day goes well, parents should get their child’s eyes checked.

It’s Never Too Early

Regular eye examinations are suggested to begin at birth and continue each year. As we age, our vision naturally changes, and this makes annual exams more critical.

Soaking in their Daily Lessons

If they can’t even see their ABCs, how can they possibly learn them? Most learning is visual in nature, and even their fresh eyes need to be checked to ensure they are getting the most out of their schooling.

Vision Is Important For School Success

Kindergarten is viewed as a foundation for higher learning. Poor performance from children in kindergarten or other grades in elementary school can be an indication of poor vision.
If a child is having a hard time seeing the board or reading their lesson books, it can inhibit their education to a point beyond frustration. School can become no longer enjoyable to them, and they can easily fall behind. If left untreated, this can only get worse and worse for the child. To compromise things further, the child may not even know why they are having a hard time retaining information

Students with poor vision can be misdiagnosed as learning impaired, as having attention deficit disorder, or are just plain left behind from their peer group. And these kids don’t know that they can’t see what their friend sees, because they don’t know what normal vision is like.

Erase vision issues in children

It also means that many children, by the time they have that first examination, may have a condition, such as amblyopia or lazy eye, which now cannot be treated. If they had had a complete eye examination earlier in their lives, the condition could have been easily corrected.

Did you know that one out of four children has vision problems? And yet only 50 percent of parents with children under the age of 12 have taken their children to an eye care professional.

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