Periorbital(preseptal) cellulitis is an infection of your eyelid or the skin around your eyes. Adults can get it, but children under 2 are most likely to have it.
It happens when bacteria attack the soft tissue around your eye, including your eyelid.

These germs can get into your skin through a cut or scratch, or they can get to the area through an infection in your sinuses. It also can be a reaction to a stye (a tender bump on your eyelid that forms when a gland on your eyelid gets infected).
● Redness and swelling around the eye
● A cut, scratch, or insect bite near the eye
● The skin in the affected area is tender to the touch and might feel a little tough.
● The white of the eye might look red.
Periorbital cellulitis doesn’t cause a fever or pain. If you or your child has a fever and swelling and it hurts to move the affected eye, get medical help right away. These things can be caused by a more serious condition called orbital cellulitis that affects the eye itself.
Most conditions of periorbital cellulitis resolve after five to seven days with proper antibiotics.The treatment of periorbital cellulitis differs based on the severity of disease and age of the patient, so when noticed please visit your optometrist for proper treatment.

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