Eye Strain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense/ prolonged use during a task. For example after prolonged reading, working on the computer or digital devices, driving at long distances, concentrating on detailed work like sewing, writing.
The medical term is known as ASTHENOPIA.
-Blurry vision
-Muscle Spasm/imbalance
-Double vision
-Burning/pepperish sensation
-Itching eyes
-Watery/Dry eyes
-Increased sensitivity to light
-redness of the eyes
-pain in the neck, shoulder, back.
1. Reduce time spent on a single activity. 
2. Take breaks while working. 
3. Use protective/antiglare Eyewear while using digital devices. 
4. Use eyedrops recommended by your eye specialist. 
5. Blink often. 
6. Have your eyes checked by an eye professional to correct any underlying refractive error.

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