Night Blindness is the inability of the eyes to see well at night or under poor light I.e poor adaptability to low light conditions. 
-Difficulty moving around in dim light. 
-Difficulty driving at night. 
-Difficulty recognizing faces in dim light. 
-longer time of adjusting to a bright room after being in the dark. 
-Cloudy vision. 
-sensitivity to light. 
-Retinitis Pigmentosa
-Vitamin A deficiency
-Usher syndrome
Treatment is administered according to the underlying cause by an eye care professional.
Night Blindness can be prevented by taking the following steps
1. Eat food/fruits rich in Vitamin A. 
2. Wear UV rays/antiglare Protective Eyewear. 
3. Check your Blood sugar level regularly and adhere to the medication prescribed by your physician. 
4. Check your eye pressure (intra-ocular pressure) regularly. 
5. Avoid performing tasks under low light conditions. 
6. Have an annual comprehensive eye exam.

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