For a lot of people, the idea of wearing contact lenses is unappealing. They think that it will be uncomfortable, that they won’t be able to see, or that it will be a hassle. But the truth is, there are a lot of benefits to wearing contact lenses that you may not know about.

If you have never worn them, or you question what they can do for you compared to a pair of stylish glasses or prescription sunglasses, then hopefully we can shed some light on their appeal.

Because they are in contact with your eyes, they are regulated, and improper or unregulated use of them could lead to complications and eye disease. But the right contact lenses, carefully fitted and prescribed by your optometrist, can provide great benefits we would like to talk about.

First and foremost, contact lenses are a go-to for those with refractive errors. That means if you have been diagnosed with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or even astigmatism, contact lenses are a great choice of eyewear that can get you seeing clearly, despite your refractive error.

Contact lenses are one of the effective options that you can use to improve your vision. It changes how light enters the eye, compensating for refractive errors. They are a great alternative to traditional eyeglasses and can provide improved vision and a more natural field of view.

Once you have the right contact lens chosen between you and your optometrist, you can start enjoying the benefits of daily or regular contact lens wear.

Benefits of wearing contact lenses. These include:

  • Contact lenses grant a more natural look, as they are worn directly on the eyes.
  • Contact lenses do not obstruct vision or reflect anything in view.
  • Contact lenses provide an entire field of focused viewing, which is vital for drivers and sports players.
  • Contact lenses are light to wear and do not result in discomfort when applied and cared for properly.
  • Contact lenses do not fog up, even when you are wearing a medical facemask.
  • Contact lenses can project a healthy, youthful look.
  • Contact lenses let you use wraparound sunglasses for total, 360-degree UV protection.
  • Contact lenses do not blur vision.
  • Contacts can be a line of defense against some UV radiation and pollutants threatening your eyes.
  • No glare or light sensitivity when wearing contact lenses.
  • Better suited to people with a high prescription lenses.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Treats certain eye conditions.
  • Studies have shown that specially fitted contact lenses may help slow the progression of near-sightedness in children and teens.
  • Another great thing about contact lenses is that they come in various colors. This gives you an opportunity to see how you would look if you had different eye colors.
  • Your peripheral and central vision will be better with contact lenses. Because contacts conform to the curvature of your eye, they provide a wider field of view with less distortion and viewer obstructions than glasses. Contact lenses also reduce image distortion and glare reflections.


Wearing contact lenses has many potential benefits. To get the most, out of your contact lens-wearing experience, be sure to always practice healthy habits and remember that all types of contact lenses even cosmetic lenses that don’t correct vision but change the color or look of the eye are medical devices that need to be prescribed by an eye doctor.

Your eyes are critical and very sensitive and requires delicate care. Contact lenses must be medically safe and approved to avoid eye infections and eventually, loss of sight if not treated promptly.

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