Polycarbonate lens is a type of lens made of plastic that is more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses. It is also known as a virtually unbreakable lens. 

Benefits of polycarbonate lenses 

Safe and durable: it is 200 times stronger than glass; reducing the need for replacement.

-Lightweight and thin: it is lighter and thinner in weight which makes it comfortable for everyday wear.

– UV protection: it has built-in ultraviolet protection I.e blocking harmful UV rays from the sun and thereby preventing cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium.


  1. Children: it is highly recommended for children’s lenses because they are more active. it won’t break and their eyes are protected. 
  2. Someone with little or no vision in one eye. :this is because the good eye should be protected from further damage.
  3. Anyone that plays sport: playing sports while wearing lenses that are not polycarbonate is dangerous and can result in a serious eye injury.
  4. Working in a hazardous industry : polycarbonate lenses are recommended as safety lenses for industries like construction site, security companies, fire fighters, warehouse workers, manufacturing companies.
  5. It is also the best choice for Rimless eyeglasses.
  6. It is recommended for everyone.




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